Personnel Training

We do believe that training of personnel is definitely an integral part of nowadays human life and successfully operating organization. Seeking to increase the success of our clients and contribute to the exceptional results of the organization our team of specialists convey their knowledge through internal and external training support. Your employees’ efficiency of competencies improvement is determined by our:

  • Lecturers – consultants, specialists in their field of expertise and experience;
  • Prepared individual, tailor-made and adapted training programs;
  • Recognized teaching practices and training experience applied worldwide;
  • Applicable variety of teaching methods;
  • Continuing education.
Companies that have already invested in the improvement of the employees’ internal and open workshops:
AB “Lifosa”
JSC “Husqvarna”
AB “ Kausta”
JSC “Olympic Casino Group Baltija”
“Pierre Cardin”
AB “Lietuvos ryto” televizija
JSC “Maxima LT”
JSC “Synergium”
JSC “Soft Dent”
JSC DK “PZU Lietuva”
JSC “Acorus Calamus”
JSC “Vilniaus vandenys”
JSC “ CIE LT Forge”
JSC “Arvi” and Ko
JSC “Klaipedos mesine”
LR The Ministry of Agriculture
VSDFV “Mokymo centras”
JSC “Stansefarbrikken”
JSC “Schneider Electric Lietuva”
JSC “MC – Bauchemie”
JSC “Mikrovisatos TV”
AB “Lesto”
JSC “Panevezio energija”
JSC “Vilniaus energija”
AB “Vilkyskiu pienine”
We would like you to invite to discuss possible guidelines for personnel development.
Palmira Sirusiene
Managing Partner
Cell phone: +370 687 36287