About us

We are proud to be your reliable partner in the field of human resources management since 1997, successfully implemented more than 3,000 personnel search and selection projects looking for top-level executives, market leaders, mid-level managers and rare profession specialists. We have trained more than 3,600 employees of different spheres in open and closed type personnel trainings. We constantly consult our customers and share our experience and insights on labor market issues.

Gained experience, professionalism and trust in our services focused on the best result is chosen not only by Lithuanian companies, but also companies from abroad operating in the areas of sales, marketing, industry, manufacturing, organization/management, finances, administration and etc.

We do believe that our cooperation with our customers is based on mutual respect, trust and achieving common objectives help us to continue to be the market leaders in the area of recruitment management (HR).

 "The strongest in Lithuania" is a certificate granted to financially   reliable Lithuanian companies, which justifies a high corporate credit   rating. This certificate states that noriu personalo sprendimų   grupė helps to create a better future for the Lithuanian economy.


We were recognized as one of the fastest growing consulting companies in “Verslo žinios” project.


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