Customer Testimonials

Our Clients:

AB "YIT Kausta", AB "Lifosa", AB "Orlen Lietuva", AB "ITAB Shop Concept Lithuania", UAB "Future Electronics", UAB "Husqvarna Lietuva", UAB "Roche Lietuva", Roche Diagnostics Polska Sp z.o.o., Bonduelle Polska S.A, UAB "Lemora", UAB "Theca Furniture", DuPont atstovybė, UAB "Ernsten & Young Baltic", UAB "Kitron", UAB "Heidelbergcement Klaipėda", UAB "Ansell Protective Solutions Lithuania", UAB "Danplastas", UAB "Tauraplastas", UAB "Baltic Hydroenergy", UAB "Transcom Worldwide Vilnius", UAB "Trelleborg Engineered Systems Lithuania", UAB "VBH-TBM", UAB "Kauno Baltija", UAB "Daumantai LT", UAB "Kauen Craft", LESAFFRE POLSKA S.A., ThyssenKrupp Energostal S.A., UAB "Serfas", UAB "Hidrobalt", UAB "Betonika", UAB "Sponsor Insight", UAB "Filter", UAB "Ryterna", UAB "Makveža", UAB "Novameta", UAB "Enerstena", UAB "Belam LT", UAB "FPI Baltic", UAB "Mitnija", UAB "Gitana", UAB "Pardavimo automatai", UAB "Limeta" ir kt.

Clients about our partnership:
“Thank you for thoughtful work selecting a specialist necessary for our company. We believe that the selected employee will work successfully in the position of Finance Manager and will perfectly deal with set tasks in a new position.
If there is a need for qualified specialists we honestly expect to collaborate with Your Company which performed its work qualitatively and thoroughly having regard to our wishes and requests in the future.”
  "Lifosa" AB
  General Director                                                    
  Jonas Dastikas

“Our company has been cooperating with “Noriu personalo sprendimų grupė” for many years. We participated in a series of training activities to prepare ourselves and asked for help training our dealers to communicate with customers and improvement of sales techniques. Particularly, Rosita Lekavičienė’s project was very successful in 2013. “Noriu personalo sprendimų grupė” has organized a series of training seminars “Pardavimų technikos” for four Husqvarna sales group representatives. Prof. Rosita Lekavičienė training, analysis of various situations, and presentation not only theoretical considerations, but also concrete and practical solutions impressed most of the audience. There were more than 50 workshops. This year, we plan to ask “Noriu personalo sprendimų grupė” to organize an additional training seminar for our sales representatives who did not have this opportunity last year. Additionally, we would like to improve ourselves in customer search and customer relationship management (CRM) areas. We are very pleased with “Noriu personalo sprendimų grupė” (JSC “Noriu darbo”) quality work and many years of productive collaboration.


"Husqvarna Lietuva" JSC
Sales Manager Julius Grimalauskas

We have been collaborating with JSC “Noriu darbo” since 1997. Why so long? Because,
  • This is a professional and responsible team with expertise in the field of activity.
  • The company has people understanding the importance of operational work, kindly communicative and honestly consulting.
  • This is a reliable and effectively working company that we can recommend to others without hesitation.
Thank you for being together!
Recruitment manager Ingrida Dargenienė